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QUOTE (Doug @ 18 Mar 2007, 19:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The best way is probably to use an airbrush with some nice rust tones sprayed on.

Once the rails are done, you can weather the whole area, masking the rails as required. Add ash, grime and engine oil (painted effects) afterwards as required.

The old wooden sleepers will be more grey than brown. Newer ones will have black-brown creosote and will be darker.

Using an airbrush is the fastest and most economical way of painting track and in my opinion also gives the best results. I have found that acrylics are the best paints to use. If you cannot find the right colour straight from the container, mix different colours until you get that rusty grimy colour. Store the mixture in a seperate container and remember to keep a record of the mixture formula for future use.

Mask all areas you do not want to spray such as the point contacts etc with masking tape. Once the paint is dry you can use your track cleaning block to rub off the paint from the top of the rails. Do NOT use sandpaper as it leaves microscopic scratches on the rail surface where grime and dirt will eventually collect causing bad pick-up/contact. If you wish you can now further weather the track area as described by Doug.

Have fun and enjoy your hobby.

Kind regards.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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