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biggest IS best....

I'd go as far as to recommend avoiding straights as much as possible.

long straight bits, with sharp curves at the end, simply do not ''flow''......and 'flowing'' track is so much better from a viewpoint aspect.

Even if your available width is limited, and a tight radius is unavoidable...then I also recommend a ''transition' curve on entry and much larger radius leading into the curve, gradually tightening up, then opening out again on exit...much the same sort of line a decent driver takes when negotiating a curve in the road?

this has the strange advantage, because the transition 'leads' a coach, or loco, into the curve....of creating a stable sudden jerks...

the strange advantage?

it 'is' possible, to actually have an even tighter, minimum radius in the centre of the curve........than would have been thought......simply because the stock going through is already riding smoothly.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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