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Best way for underlay...

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Right then, the baseboard is set up, and now the track can go down. The only trouble is the noise.
I tried putting cork down forst, but when I pin down the track, the noise is transferered via the pin to the baseboard. Running Trains is therefor very very loud. Any Ideas here ???

P.s. I was using Fleischmann Track ( As I live in the Fatherland ) but all of the new Thomas range just don't like it !! So I am selling it all and reverting back to good old Hornby ( I have loads of Tri-ang stuff, so thats why I need the Hornby stuff....)

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When you have the track exactly where you want it glue it with either a PVA glue & remove the track pins after the glue has dried - this will cure your problem of noise.

ER-Decor make an excellent PVA/latex based glue that is even better than standard PVA for noise suppression (its ether Decorail or Decorbal- can't remember which !).

You can remove the track later with either PVA or ER-Decor by gently soaking & the track should come up without damage for later re-use.

I'm surprised that you are having problems with the FLM track - is it Profi ? As an aside if you want to sell it we are looking for some more (send me a PM if you are interested.)

Hpe that this helps.
I had the Fleischman Profi track at first, but my TRI-ANG Locos did not like it ( height of rails / Wheel flanges not compatible ) So I flogged that again asap. Then I tried the FLM Modell Track, but Thomas & Friends just don't like it !!!
So I dug up my old Hornby track, and problems solved !!!!!

But Great Idea with the glueing. I'll try that when I have painted the cork grey.
I have decided not to ballast. I just want a simple layout....
What happens next when you add ballast and PVA and let it all dry to a brick-hard consistency?
I think the best way is stick the cork to the base board and the track to the cork then ballast all in one go if you want to seal it afterwards with diluted PVA then you can but you shouldn't need to no pins to worry about.

QUOTE (dooferdog @ 28 Feb 2007, 20:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What happens next when you add ballast and PVA and let it all dry to a brick-hard consistency?

If you're really concerned about noise transmission you can use a latex based PVC to hold the ballast down - it won't stop all of it, but it will stop a lot. (See my ealier post about the ER-Decor adhesives - I'll check up on which is which).
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