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You've been given some good advice here, Chris, but one thing is missing.
Put a keyword or two for each item you want to sell in the BUY box and Search. Then look for the Completed Listings box on the left hand side of the page, tick it and Show Items. You will now see what identical items have actually sold for during the last month of two (remember most high bids are placed in the last twenty seconds of the auction so looking at current bids is extremely misleading).
If ten Hornby Lord Beaverbrooks have sold for around say forty pounds recently then that is what you will get for yours. You could even safely put it on Buy it Now at 40 to sell it quickly or put a selling price starting at 35 to ensure your item does not end up the bargain that everyone is searching eBay for!. You are very unlikely to get a lot more than that. On the other hand if some of your items do not come up on a Completed Listing search you may have something rare and it's worth spending some time on the item description. Start at 99p ... and pray.
As others have said:
Sell items separately, even though it is a pain.
Describe honestly and accurately (buyers often don't mind faults as long as they have been told - some seek them out to get a bargain)
Post First Class to reduce the risk of handling damage or loss. Make sure your postage charge covers the actual cost (buyers expect to be charged a _little_ more to cover packaging costs). Look up the Post Office website.
Always answer emails promptly and use PayPal for all except the smallest items so you can post immediately you receive the money.
Never give any Feedback until the Buyer has given his to say he's happy. In particular don't give negative feedback. You will only get retaliation.
Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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