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The article in the October 2008 Hornby mag on parcels trains says that for many years models of the BG full brakes where made the same length as the Mk 1 coaches,which is correct,but why are hornby still making it !!!!!! also is says that the correct length has been made by Bachmann for a couple of years,well I have a Replica BG in carmine & cream which the correct length,I think this model is ex Mainline which is a lot more than a couple of years.

Morry Cook.

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Isn't the Mainline/Replica BG a model of the ex-LMS type, also on a 57' underframe like the BR mk1 BG?

Yup it is, subsequently taken over or at some time also released by DAPOL. Bachmanns BG is a Mk1 BG, correct length.

but why are hornby still making it
Well because it sells to those who
A/ Don't know its over length and aren't bothered
B/ Know its overlength and aren't bothered
D/ Don't know its overlength
C/ Are collectors

If it returns Hornby a profit, let them carry on selling it, the returns on that and similar items helps the company survive, pay dividends, rent, etc etc, and helps pay for new models.

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Just to confirm the answers to your question, the Hornby Mk 1 full brake is 6ft longer than it should be as it is based on the standard 63ft Mk 1 carriage chassis. Lima also produced an over length Mk 1 BG, again on a 63ft Mk 1 carriage chassis.

Bachmann's current version of the Mk 1 BG is true to scale, as it uses a 57ft underframe which is correct for the vehicle.

Hope this helps.

Mike Wild.

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Possibly not really adding anything new, but.

The MK1 BG was built on the 57 foot underframe to give it a wider route availability than it would have had had it been on the 63 foot chassis.
The Hornby (Triang) BG is, as stated, too long as it's on the 63 foot underframe.
The first correct length modern R-T-R model of the BG was Replica's [I think it appeared after Mainline's (Palitoy's) decease)], which I suspect has a very close relationship with the current Bachmann model.
Prior to the Replica Model the only correct length R-T-R BG was the Hornby Dublo model. This was the correct length for the opposite reason to the over-length current Hornby model, i.e. all the Hornby Dublo Mark 1s were to the short length! I bought mine in the 70's from Hattons who advertised various H/D coaches for quite a few years after their [H/D's] demise.

A note on Livery, according to Parkin's book on the Mk1's there were apparently some MK1 BGs painted plain Crimson instead of Crimson and Cream [not to be confused with the later all Maroon livery].

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