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Black Prince and eBay and limited editions

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Noting the discussion on Pat Hammonds site about the subject of selling Black Prince on eBay of all the replies made this recent one has caught my eye:-

QUOTE Bachmann Club 9F 'Black Prince'

I'm sorry to keep on about this - but I was so gobsmacked when I searched e-bay for 9Fs and saw item 320044888230 that I had to report it - this is a chancer offering one of these for a "Buy-it-now" price of £799.99!

Will he find an idiot with too much money or not? No other comment

Should you report somebody for offering an item on eBay at a set price?

The whole Black Prince saga seems to have blown up beyond all proportion and I am slightly surprised that Bachmann have made any official comment on it at all but they have. Hornby would not have and never have in the past and some of their limited editions regularly fetch several times the original sale price on eBay.

Limited editions are limited editions and thats it. If you are lucky enough to get one as a customer then good luck and you should not complain if you don't.

Further, you should be free to do whatever you want to do with it without it being "policed" by anybody.

Any manufacturer getting personally involved in the supply chain is creating a rod for their own back.

Thats always been my view on all limited editions.
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these artificial prices are crazy. i collect stamps and the same thing happens there. its usually the doing of 1 man that tries somehow to aquire several. this in turn inflates the price and makes his stock worth more.
the princess diana presentation pack printed in welsh was worth about £2 when it was published. one man put an advert in a mag offering a fiver for each one. he now has most of the stock and the prices are sky high. its just crazy (lukely i didnt sell him mine!)

I do find bachmanns stance on this unusual. they may not like what happens to their models after they have been sold but frankly its none of their business.

I wanted a 57601 but i am not going to join the collectors club to get it. its just a way of pushing some people out of the market.

I think the other thing that is going on on mre mag is that someone rather stupidly admitted to shill bidding on a web forum!! (there's one born every minute!!)

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