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these artificial prices are crazy. i collect stamps and the same thing happens there. its usually the doing of 1 man that tries somehow to aquire several. this in turn inflates the price and makes his stock worth more.
the princess diana presentation pack printed in welsh was worth about £2 when it was published. one man put an advert in a mag offering a fiver for each one. he now has most of the stock and the prices are sky high. its just crazy (lukely i didnt sell him mine!)

I do find bachmanns stance on this unusual. they may not like what happens to their models after they have been sold but frankly its none of their business.

I wanted a 57601 but i am not going to join the collectors club to get it. its just a way of pushing some people out of the market.

I think the other thing that is going on on mre mag is that someone rather stupidly admitted to shill bidding on a web forum!! (there's one born every minute!!)

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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