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Blue Deltics

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Engine number is 6221

I was wandering around a car boot this week, when I found these jigsaws puzzles for sale on the same boot.

Quite a coincidence considering the ongoing sale by the NRM, only these only cost me £2.50. The Paddington one is still sealed - unused

As this is a painting, would it be true to life, and if so, what are the other engines in the picture?

Sorry, no prizes !!!!!

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The station photo is surely a figment of somebody's imagination? There is an engine release road between platforms 1 & 2. The locomotive on platform 2 looks a bit like a rebuilt Scot because of the shape of the smoke deflectors but there doesn't appear to be any taper in the boiler and the firebox is round topped. I'm not convinced by the leading edge of the cab roof on the A4.

I think I'd pass on this one.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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