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Blue Pullman Model News!

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It seems that there is one company out there who is listening to customers. In fact they carry out an annual survey of its customers and produce the locomotive that is at the top of the most wanted list. And they guarantee that they will do this. And they are very successful and the customers rave about the companies products. Who are they?

Pete Waterman's Just Like The Real Thing have recently released a progress report on their new Blue Pullman model and judging by the accompanying images things are going very well.

Sadly for the army of OO scale modellers these new Blue Pullmans from Just Like The Real Thing are O gauge models. For those who require more information visit the link below:-

Now what chance the army getting their own super detailed version?

Or are we going to have to make do with the version below which in todays climate really is unacceptable for most modellers:-

If you really want to make your feelings known, then now is your big chance!

Happy modelling
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Sadly for the army of OO scale modellers these new Blue Pullmans from Just Like The Real Thing are O gauge models - AAHHHHH

I am not fussed about having an all singing all dancing blue pullman ready to run with DCC.

But I would like something that I can at least afford to kit bash into a decent model.

With parlour cars going for £85 I cannot even hope to get my blue pullman.
if hornby rattled of a few thousand body mouldings and sold them through the spare part dealers unpainted, unboxed, I would be pleased as punch.

That O gauge model looks very nice. If only I could shrink it in the wash or something!

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Perhaps Siver Fox would consider doing one in "OO". Their resin kits are great.
It would be great if hornby did a model of a t9 for us southern fans. Anyone now any company planning to do anything like this?? or perhaps a usa shunter
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Wasn't that the steam shunter used at Southampton docks during the war and after?

I'm sure I've seen a kit version somewhere. Maybe we should look at kits a bit more as many of these obscure locos are available in kit form. They are never really ever going to be mass market so its unlikely that a ready to run model would be considered. Would you invest £100,000 or more in one of these if it was your money!

Mind you there is a large number of SR modellers out there and the Q1 has been seen to operate on layouts based on Scotland.
Just visit the show in Glasgow. Basically it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy your layout!

Funny thing is though Hornby produced the Class 101 Holden tank a few years ago and there was only ever one prototype of these made!

Now I'm not saying that the Blue Pullman is obscure but is there an OO gauge kit available anywhere?

Happy modelling
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There is some correspondence at Pat Hammond's MRE Mag in connection with the Blue Pullman.

QUOTE Blue Pullman - In answer to Winston Umbala's posting yesterday, I should like to mention that, at the recent Great Gathering at Crewe, an enquiry was made at the Hornby stand and the response was that the original moulds for the Blue Pullman have been called up to R and D for assessment - It's just a matter of time now. Pete

I would not hold your breath. R & D have many reasons for looking at old molds. It could be that they want to see how something was done in the past so that they can apply that pattern design to a new model that is entirely different. Basically, the old model is a right ******** and in todays market would stay on the shelves, even with a 5 pole motor fitted and other upgrades that are being applied to the Hornby Continental range. Those that say that "I would buy one if you did that!" wouldn't!

Think about all the feedback that Hornby get in connection with the production of locomotives without names and numbers so that the purchaser could apply their own.

Think about it. Have any of you yet to see one secondhand Hornby model that has transfers (yes, its already been done in the past), where the transfers have actually been used and applied?

Its my own experiance that inevitably the transfers are still in the packaging unused!

Are todays modellers any different to those of yesterday? Do they want to really mess about with transfers, etc?

Basically Hornby listened then, did it, and the folk who said they would buy into the idea didn't!

And would those same folk really buy into the idea of a Blue Pullman today that was based on the old Tri-ang Hornby model, or even one that was not?

Wouldn't it be great for the manufacturers if 1000 railway modellers got together, put £100 each into a bank account, and then approached the manufacturers, handed over the money, and said "Please produce x or y model, we want it!"

Happy modelling
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