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Blue Pullman, old and new

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Has anyone compared the original Triang Blue Pullman against the current R4310 modern coaching stock, does the colour match?
Could they be used as a substitute for centre cars considering the price of secondhand triang pullmans on EBAY ?
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If the proposed combination pleases you enough as an impression of the train, then go for it.

In similar vein with the earlier loco hauled Pullmans, Hornby don't currently produce the 1928 'Queen of Scots' cars to the current top standard. But by knocking about the flush sided K cars a little I get a more than passable representation, with an exterior finish superior to what I could achieve. Someone knowledgeable would recognise the inaccuracies: but the pleasing impression of a set of beautifully finished Pullmans behind an East Coast pacific is very satisfactorily obtained.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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