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Blue Pullman

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This subject seems popular and recurring so why not give it its own thread!

Doug wants to see a picture?

Anybody know of any good ones, preferably in colour so that Doug can see how blue it is. If at all possible we don't want to see a yellow nose!

I have a few in mind but there is bound to be a Blue Pullman expert here who can pull a rabbit out of the hat.

We can then take it from there.

Happy modelling

PS if this thread draws little interest then maybe Hornby are right!
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well i would buy 2. i would want a western and a midland pullman. unfortunatly i dont have any pics (not withought infringing copyright anyway!). i was atually holding my breath long enough to achieve the correct shade of nanking blue. untill i found out about hornbys releases.

unlike most however, i am not asking for a rully retooled model. mearly something i can kitbash. i recognise that there is insuffeciant demand for new tooling. i would be perfectly happy with a bag of bodyshells that i can correct, paint and motorise in my own way. i am not clever enough to scratch build but i would dearly love a BP.

Best place for pics is google images and type blue pullman there's a nice pic of 2 side by side at paddington from the 53a collection and a picture of one in later life with jumper cables on the end.
If hornby are prepared to charge around £160 for a pendolino which by their own admission isn't going to be all whistles and bells then surely the same could be done for this set.
It seems cost is a good excuse when it suits and a pretty feeble one in my opinion.
Given the popularity on this forum of the BR transitional era then it seems logical to model it to me.
There is a book out now called Blue Pullman by Kevin John Robertson , its about £20.
As for the reissue of the old Hornby[Triang] set, Hornby would get too much flak from the "rivit counters" over its length etc.

The best idea is get the Kitmaster versions from Evilbay, if you can afford them!!.

Shawplan were going to bring there own kits out, but, they have been very quiet obout it for a while, so perhaps that has died the death too.

I have heard of and seen Pullman coaches with light up lights that Hornby make, but I have also seen the blue one with the white stripe which you speak of now. So, why was/are there different types of Pullman coaches and locos?

The Blue Pullmans were specially constructed whole trains, quite similar to the later HST's, i.e. power car each end with intermediate coaches.

The coaches were somewhat different to one another, so any manufacturer would have considerable tooling costs and the end price would probably be prohibitive.

I think they started life on the Midland Region, eventually ending up on the Western Region. They went through two liveries, Nanking Blue and Grey and then a reversal of that colour scheme.

I'm not sure they were Pullman owned coaches as such, although they were of Pullman standard and may have been staffed by Pullman staff.

Tri-ang's model was a good representation in its day, but would not pass muster by today's standards.

There has been much calling for Hornby to produce the Blue Pullman set, but are shying away for the reasons stated above.
So we will continue to see 40 year old coaches selling for £30 to £40 each then which is about the same as a 4 car pendolino set if my maths is correct.
They could compromise and do the mk2 air con stock that I think its fragonset are converting for special charter services.
The cars needn't be 100% accurate to sell well, just passable seems to do the trick with everything else judging by the article in BRM about detailing the new Gresley stock which is another carriage deemed worthy of £35 per item!Maybe they are working on the blue pullman as we spaek and are throwing red herrings to distract us a bit.
After all they are reissuing the Lord of the Isles, a loco first produced over 40 years ago and last seen in the early '80's albeit in a limited edition pack before it makes its way to Sodor to have a sex change and its face painted!
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Throwing red herrings to distract us a bit.

I think spongbob may have a point, if you read the magazines, they all say the same thing but, not quite the same words. And Hornby have said there is a surprise in store for 2007!!.
I will keep my fingers crossed.
Maybe Hornby are going to test the water with the Lord of the Isles classic train pack to see how it sells. It states that it has updated running gear which I take to be a can motor or even a 5 pole motor. This would make it a much better proposition for DCC although pick up would still be very limited unless they are going to install pick ups in the tender.

If older models are reintroduced over time by way of classic train packs then you are hardly going to upset the rivet counters now are you?

Imagine a classic Blue Pullman as a 4 car set with a 5 pole motor and DCC ready with a finish and running gear to current Hornby standards.

And it could have lights.

Maybe its down to whether the old molds can be used with modern equipment.

All speculation. And if it was done would it sell?

Happy modelling
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It's worth bearing in mind that such a large project as a completely retooled Midland Pullman might take the place of several new conventional locos. I suspect that the cancellation or postponement of the Hornby Southern EMU in 2005 allowed all three new Southern locos (M7, KA, WC/BB) to go through. Although there are some strong supporters of the EMU I believe the majority of Southern fans would rather have these three new locos to choose from, and Hornby will make far more sales in the long run.
The question is whether the Midland/Western Pullman fans really want it so much they are prepared to lose, say, a retooled King, a new Castle and maybe a Clan or a Super D?
as we are on the topic of the blue pullman i would like to mention that the blue puillman is coming back to service with a new set of mk3's
I inherited a Hornby Blue Pullman from a relative, about 25 years ago.
It seems to be in good condition and, considering it's less than precision native motor, runs reasonably well. But it's not something that interests me, so has languished in a cupboard since entering my fold and is more than likely to continue this boring existence for the foreseeable future. I only dug it out because MRF posts reminded me of its existence!

Now that I have, what's the concensus - flog it now, or hold on?
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I was under the impression that they were Mk2s in Nanking Blue - the first one looked very smart, I must say.


(Who first volunteered on the K&ESR in 1971.... gulp!)
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The blue pullman liveried mk2's could be a worth while repaint for all the first class vintage airfix blue/grey coaches which seem to be otherwise worthless. Fox do a set of transfers for the original pullman set which could probably be utilised for the crests and wording. I've also seen a picture of one of the class 47's painted into a matching livery but can't remember which mag it was in.
One other small point about the old triang model it had flush glazing originally at a time when you were lucky to get any insides in a carriage.
On the subject of flog it now or keep hold i suppose it depends if its a 3 car set or just the power cars. The sets sell well for the centre cars alone the power cars on their own aren't so valuable.
If you are going to flog it might be best to do so this year.

The other thing to look for is how the new "Lord of the Isles" set impacts prices on old models in the collectors market. "Lord of the Isles" train packs from 25 years ago in mint condition generally go for about £120-£180 in proper auctions (not Ebay). In the light of this the Hornby 2006 train pack for £99 seems something of a bargain.

Depending on condition of model and packaging you will probably get £50-£100 for a Blue Pullman 3 car set so if you sell put a reserve on of £50. It is rather strange that for all the fuss about the Blue Pullman the model does not really command much money in the collector market. Only the centre cars are in demand. Maybe Hornby have made this observation when thinking about the Blue Pullman.

What I would also say is that selling on Ebay is a complete gamble as you may or may not draw interest in the 10 days that Ebay offer you for your listing.

Happy modelling
If you really want one now is your chance. Serious bidders will need to top the estimate by a wide margin in my view. £150 should do it. Don't forget the 17.4% buyers premium on top of your bid. It really is down to who is present in the crowd on the day as there is one bloke who always wears a white pullover who thinks nothing of spending £20000! :-

Happy modelling

PS Doug, they look like the picture above.
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With all this talk of Blue Pullmans nobody has mentioned that [according to their website] Inter-City models of Cornwall are developing a kit in 4mm scale to cover both the Midland and Western Region versions,-don't know how they are progressing with it though..
I've also read a review about the new Fragonset mk2 blue pullman set and those coaches look very good in the livery. Could be a future repaint project for all the airfix first open coaches i have.
Incidentally i was at the NRM the other week and the livery on the prototype HST power car is exactly the same as the reverse grey and blue livery applied to the pullman sets in later life. The same livery Bachmann are going to be doing their mk1 pullman coaches in.
I wonder if Hornby are waiting to release a "LIVE DIESEL" Blue Pullman
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