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Hi all, its been awile since I have joined you all in web land, been a bit busy since last post with working all over christmas and then moving house and changing jobs, not to mention getting engaged! (not sure if the last one will help with the modelling or if she who holds the purse will tighten the strings even further! (Bro if your reading this 'mums the word')

Now that I am not a troll anymore, and live in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, I was woundering if anyone from the Boston MRC is a member here as I would like to join, and all the usual searches have thrown up blanks. Also I could do with a really good model shop for this area as I like to support the local shops, I mainly use evergreen stripping, slaters sheets and all the usual detailing bits for the railway, and brass parts from Alan Gibson, 247 and the one with a green card backing who's name escapes me. One last item i use is Plastic Weld, I use lots of this and will soon run dry if I dont find another source.

Any help will be most useful

Bro Sewell

aka Brian
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