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I wonder, has anyone tought abt the ease of use of the boxes that our 200-300 euro loco's come with.

Ok I admit there are some of you who might say that the loco's place is on the layout but there are many who would like to keep them in their boxes when not in use.

In other words how practical are they?

Among my list Fleischmann and Liliput boxes are the ones to die for in all aspects, whereas the Roco (even their professional series) boxes are a nightmare to use.

FLM and Liliput comes in a hard plastic 180 degrees opening type of very practical covers such that you can tuck in a loco and put it whereever you want in seconds. Besides, by overflipping it you can easily work under the loco for oiling etc.. Thumbs up to both brands.

Now with the Roco boxes, the loco's come embedded into a foam.( I've always hated foams) You have to grab the blue plastic sheets (see blw picture) and pull the loco and tender out ! The funny stuff starts now. Most roco models come incomplete.i.e you have to stick bits and pieces to either the loco or tender body.
Guess what. It won't fit back in!! A nightmare.

Here is what I mean:


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Some good points there Baykal,

The Roco foam packaging is a problem when the detailing is added, because, as you say, it won't fit back in the box! The same is true of their rolling stock as well. On balance I think the "wrap around and clip together liners are the better option.


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