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Boxes for locos

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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a nice little Mainline 2-6-0 GWR Mogul 43xx from eBay. The engine is great but it did not come with a box. Does anyone know where I might find either a Mainline or Bachmann box for a 43xx or 93xx Mogul (to keep it warm at night
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Try a local swap-meet. It's unlikely you will find an empty Bachmann/Mainline box for sale, but there are some people who sell non-branded boxes for storing locos and other items in. These are often made of thicker card than original boxes and have a lift-off lid. There are also people selling these - see a few adverts in 'Railway Modeller' or other magazines.
John Webb
Cheltenham Model Centre who advertise in Model Rail & Railway Modeller do them in 3 sizes and a number of colours. They look very substantial.
there are boxes that many model shops do that are brilliant i have some. and they are very good quality.

QUOTE (Bilbo @ 8 Aug 2006, 10:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cheltenham Model Centre who advertise in Model Rail & Railway Modeller do them in 3 sizes and a number of colours. They look very substantial.

I'll give them a try and see what they have; an old shoe box is less than dignified for a loco
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Cooper Craft do a very nice and substantial dark blue box in two sizes. A friend who builds professionally uses Southern Pride ones which are red. The advantage of these over the more commonly seen ones is that the lid covers the whole of the box rather than just the top half, making it more difficult for the lid to slip off and empty out the contents.

I've used both sorts and find them very good and worth investing in.
if so they sell little boxes i brought some from there while on holiday but it depends on the size of your loco.

what are the measurements of your loco?
First post on this forum so hope it OK

Make your own out of cereal boxes I do was shown years ago by a bloke who used to visit Model railway clubs in North Wales

There was a web site for many years explaining how, one made a template first, then copied it to cereal box card, cut and folded took about 2 mins per box then used computer labels to mark the boxes.

usefull for Toyfair stuff keeps storage space down allow easy access to stock

He used to make "Over boxes" to protect organianl boxes from wear

Cannot find the site now just a 440 number
I do get manufacturers boxes in from time to time, I have stocks of Tri-ang, Hornby, Wrenn, Dapol, Airfix, Bachmann, and Mainline boxes on the go all the time.

It varies from day to day as I bulk buy at trade auctions and things move fast here.
I don't know what others think but for people who use the manufacturers boxes as storage the designs could be considerably improved. I always thought Athearn boxes were easily accessible.
I will be supplying solid plastic cases with fitted foam inserts for between 2.50 - 4.00 in the near future - it has taken a while to have the box
moulds made up and to get the right type of insert foam. I wont advertise it here but will say that they will be out in the next two - three months
and will fit N, OO and some small O gauge stock.

Hope this helps
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