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Bradgate and Market Bosworth

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I've been railway modelling since the early '60's starting with the Triang Princess set (I still have her!).

I went through the usual stages of adolesence, marriage, mortgages and children, with a dabble into N a few years ago, but took the plunge back to OO when SWMBO agreed to the purchase of a new shed in 2007. She missed the smallprint which granted planning permission for a new railway!!

So thats where we now start if I've got this picture business sorted out [URL=][IMG]

Here are a few general images to see if it all works. If it does I'll post a few more. Basic plan is low level through , Y junction feeding to upper terminus.

Let me know what you think.
Lower Level through station area in early days
Upper Level Terminus early stages
Lower Level after bit more work
Farm in corner, Cake Mills to right of mainline with coalmine at upper level to rear

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Loving the pics John. Particularly love the Duchess!
1 - 2 of 78 Posts
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