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Bradgate and Market Bosworth

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I've been railway modelling since the early '60's starting with the Triang Princess set (I still have her!).

I went through the usual stages of adolesence, marriage, mortgages and children, with a dabble into N a few years ago, but took the plunge back to OO when SWMBO agreed to the purchase of a new shed in 2007. She missed the smallprint which granted planning permission for a new railway!!

So thats where we now start if I've got this picture business sorted out [URL=][IMG]

Here are a few general images to see if it all works. If it does I'll post a few more. Basic plan is low level through , Y junction feeding to upper terminus.

Let me know what you think.
Lower Level through station area in early days
Upper Level Terminus early stages
Lower Level after bit more work
Farm in corner, Cake Mills to right of mainline with coalmine at upper level to rear

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QUOTE The river bridge is scratch built.

A nice piece of work

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Very nice. Looks like I might have to take the plunge and do some scratch building myself!

Well done,some lovely modeling.
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Thanks for the comments guys. A bit more detailing to do plus a signal box to finish this area off. Next project is a rake of Ratio coaches.
I'm suitably impressed. Nice work.


Super work many thanks for the update pictures, really enjoyed looking at them. My brother in law has a canal boat in Leicestershire, pics reminded me of it.

Hope your well

Thanks for comments guys and thanks to Davids help on Willys blog I think I've been successful in posting a video

Seems to work ok so I'll try to improve the photography in future!
Nice video

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for comments. Hows life in the loft? With a half term week and some cooler conditions thought you might have got a bit done, or is it next week in your area?
Great video most impressed keep up the good work.

Cheers Dave (another Leicester exile)
Just court up with your last two posting love what you have done with the metcalf kit just great
. Hoping to get well enough to get back to mine before long.

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Thanks Dave. Sorry you're not too well. I'm sure you'll be back to some modelling therapy soon.

Best wishes, John
Hi John

Great video, may I ask please what you used for the blick archways and where you sourced your back scene from please.

Best regards

Hi John,

Half-term is next week, one more day to go! I will be up in the loft trying to get some more done. Unfortunately it is the stuff I hate most - soldering! I have some lights to sort out in buildings. I also intend cleaning the track and then giving the locos a maintenance check and run round. Hope to post osme new photos during the week.

Hi Willy,

The backscene is freehand painted by yours truly- some of it I'm happy with.I've got more backscene to do on the other side of the shed and I'm not sure whether to carry on with the paintbrush or use some of the new photo backscenes i.e. Gaugemasters and the like. The one thing about doing it yourself is that it can fit very specifically to what's built in front, and, of course, nobody else has got one like it!

The brick arches are scratch built from Metcalfe papers onto a hardboard frame, but if I was doing it again I'd use Scalescenes kits.

Best wishes

Thought it might be next week. Leicester always seems out of synch with everyone else!

Look forward to the photos.

Enjoy the modelling, and remember- if you drop the soldering iron don't try and catch it!! Guess who did
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Don't worry about the burning of flesh. I did that last week. I teach science and was heating a boiling tube in front of a class. Decided the bung in the top of the boiling tube needed to come out, so grabbed hold of the boiling tube. Just about managed to stop the explitives from passing my lips!! The skin is just about healing!

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