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Bradgate and Market Bosworth

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I've been railway modelling since the early '60's starting with the Triang Princess set (I still have her!).

I went through the usual stages of adolesence, marriage, mortgages and children, with a dabble into N a few years ago, but took the plunge back to OO when SWMBO agreed to the purchase of a new shed in 2007. She missed the smallprint which granted planning permission for a new railway!!

So thats where we now start if I've got this picture business sorted out [URL=][IMG]

Here are a few general images to see if it all works. If it does I'll post a few more. Basic plan is low level through , Y junction feeding to upper terminus.

Let me know what you think.
Lower Level through station area in early days
Upper Level Terminus early stages
Lower Level after bit more work
Farm in corner, Cake Mills to right of mainline with coalmine at upper level to rear

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Jim- just noticed that you being a Glawster man its the Cherry & Whites I'll be seeing today!

Hope the Duchess arrived on time!
Hi John Yes i occasionally go and watch but not been for a while just heard that you won but it sounds though it was close! When i go i like to sit in the stand not a shedhead
been there once it was a sunny day could not see a thing but the atmosphere was great. The Duchess arrived and with 2 others was run in on a temporay oval set up just to run some stock very pleased. The latest pictures look great with the lights it gives a whole new look . Hope your Christmas was good and your new year a happy one! Cheers Jim
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Blimey! Is it really 2 1/2 yrs since I added anything!

Quite a bits changed since last I wrote including retirement and then a mystery illness that put paid to a lot of things until May this year, so that's where I'll pick up the story.

For a long while I'd been contemplating some drastic surgery to the layout and eventually was able to get at it. This involved adding a 7 road storage/fiddle yard/traverser under the existing upper board (that gave good clearance for the most part) but proved extremely taxing to get right as I had to connect it to the existing wye junction (which is now defunct) and the radii coming onto a double slip are much more than was desirable. However, after weeks of tinkering it came to fruition and is functioning fine.

The other part of the plan was to create a separate Branch line leaving the lower station and after again some major scenic hacking thats turned out ok also despite again having to deal with tight radii.

Next came the new mimic boards to show routes set with LED's. Only done one so far - two more to go! Although using Prodigy DCC with Route setting facility I found that quite often I'd have incorrect routes set causing shorts (annoyingly) so these boards will enable me to see exactly what the current set up is. It involves a heck of a lot of wiring/soldering but it's actually been quite good fun and I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

So that's where I am at present. I'll get to putting up some photo's shortly
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Storage Yard layout

Tunnel Mouth widened for Branch line on right
Branch Line return loop with boards to connect to storage Yard to right
Storage Yard in place
2 wires for DCC
Mimic Board
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I think that control panel looks very professional.

Cheers Rob.

I used Powerpoint to draw it up - it took me several attempts to get it right! I'm totally self-taught on the programme so spent as much time learning that as actually producing anything! Thank goodness for retirement!

Don't look too closely at the mitreing please - it's a long while since I'd done any and forgot some basics there.
Looks like a very neat and well made panel - much better than I've managed so far. Seeing yours has reminded me I need to have another go sometime. Can I ask what you used for the actual face of the panel?


Hi Mike,

I've used A4 Transparency film. Under that is a sheet of plain paper all onto a piece of hardboard. There may be better ways of doing it but it worked for me.

Just to finish off I've used 3mm green 12v LEDs and mounting clips from Maplins. Fed from 12v DC supply but resisters fitted as actual output from transformer is nearer 16v!
Hi again Mike,

Should have noticed where you live. Bridgy is my home town. Lived at the Wemdon end and latterly (until 1971 when I left home) on the Bristol Rd opposite the fuel depot (sounds very exotic!!)

Last visited there a couple of years ago, but was a bit underwhelmed! Things seemed to have gone downhill particularly the shopping area but that sems to be the asme in many old market towns. Enjoyed a visit to watch Albion playing though.
Hi John,

Well done for managing to 'escape' from Bridgwater - not many make it! Actually we are also in Wembdon - quite a nice area still with a bit of a village feel, in spite of being a suburb really. You're right about the town centre going down hill over the last 20 years or so. At least it's fairly cheap to live here, compared with say Taunton, there is nice countryside and coast nearby and it is quite easy to get to other places from here - as long as the M5 isn't jammed up!

We also have shed dwelling - at least for railway modelling purposes - in common!


Another two panels nearing completion. About 60 LED's to fit and then wire back to the points! Mitering's a bit better this time!
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Very neat

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Thanks David, just waiting for the Maplins order to arrive and I can crack on with the electrics.
Quite right, I have a feeling that I am going to set my fiddle yard up like this as it was before (but better) because the Z21 is too slow to respond esp when busy with switching between menus etc. But the graphics look good. Am I right in thinking the blue number just refers to a point reference and are there studs which do the switching?

I use a Prodigy system with route setting, but there have been many many occassions when I have forgotton what was set or certain points didn't switch, so decided that the panel will be a sure way of checking the routes. I always find double slips tricky to see which way they've thrown and hidden junctions have been a trial, so this will make it much easier.

Yes, the numbers are purely to identify the points for individual changes.

Mounted the second panel today and gave them a coat of light wood stain.
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Occasionally you come across a thread you've missed for so e reason, and this is one of these threads! What a great layout . Just spent an enjoyable 30mins browsing the 6 pages. Love the terminus and the LMS rolling stock .
Thanks for the kind comments. It does help to keep the progress going!

Slight hold-up whilst helping No 1 son with house move and what that entails (including slabbing and sheds!) but should be at it again shortly.
Might get round to updating this thread one-day but in meantime looking for comments about the Youchoose Tweak&Drive system.
All my sound stuff is Zimo from John Gymer at YC and I'm delighted with it all. Will only be using it for programming.

Thanks Folks
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