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Bragdon Weathering powders

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Hi All,

After seeing the results of Bragdon weathering powders does anyone know of a stockist in the U.K. please.
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Nope cause i need some more as well......... Although i have found a company in america who say they can send it over - they are just checking customs for me to make sure.....

Will let you know...... Might see if i can get an account to get these sorts of things - loads of people want them.......

If anyone else finds a place in the meantime please tell me !!!!

I had purchased my lot of Bragdon powders direct from them in the first place as I could not find a retauler here in Aust.
What is special about them? - most higher quality powders use the same Mfg process.... although not always the same materials.

Carrs stuff is quite good, and this new range uses very pure pigments that are also extremely fine ground for exceptional adhesion...



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Hiya Richard,

I think i will have to try them as they are far easier to get than bragdons!!!

Hi Richard/Nikki,

Many thanks for the replies ... is the range you show there Richard distributed by yourself ..... and do they need sealing with a varnish after application ? as i would like to try them as an option, at the moment i varnish and apply MIG powders while the varnish is wet.

I have been told by users of the Bragdons weathering powders friction fixes the powder to the surface they are applied to thus eliminating the need for a varnish over.

Nikki if you find a supplier of the Bragdons let me know please ....
*** NO, I strongly recommend against ever spraying over weathering powders - it takes away the texture that is so important.

They apply exactly the same way that any high quality ultra fine pigment should be applied - either on a plain surface, over a light spray coat of dilute arnish, mixed into a meths/water mix or whatever you prefer... Yes, ALL quality powders will adhere well to matt surfaces - the pigment is smaller than the grain of the matt paint.

I include suggested methods in each pack.

My powders are equally as fine as the Bragdon and are pure pigments, so very, very strong compared to old style weathering chalks.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the information ...... do Broms stock them ?
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