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Brakeman's Cabin

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I am building an O gauge beer train

ETS refrigerated wagons - pre war

How were the brakeman's cabins used in the train consist

I have seen the following: one brakeman's cabin between three cars and between two car

please help - I would like to be a bit authentic

thank you so much

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Are we talking about UK or USA practice here, please? If UK, than the brake van (= USA caboose?) would most likely be at the end of the train opposite to the locomotive, if these vans are of the 4 wheel type. If they are bogie vehicles like coaches, then they might well have a 'full brake' coach for the guard and that could be put in the middle of the train as the train would be continuously braked and run at, or close to, passenger train speeds. (A 4-wheel brake van was limited to lower freight speeds.)

Hope this helps,
thank you mr j. webb for your quick response

I am trying to put together a Czechoslovakian beer train - a train that would have run before the war
four wheel type - no bogie - refrigerated beer cars from Czechoslovakia brewery's - made by ETS Tinplate

I am searching ""the use of brakeman cabin cars

thank you = R deal
Sorry - I know very little of Continental systems of work, so can't help. If you have photos, then go on those.

John Webb
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