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Outside of a possible Bachmann bashing & as I have none of those vehicles to make a comment, I cannot respond to the specific grizzle but I do get slightly cranky at people who spell company names wrongs -
substitute a buckeye coupling from Mr. Kaydee and off we go, as per the extract from the 3rd post to this thread.

The company is called & spelt - Kadee. I see many posts from within UK that will , for some unknown reason, put a 'y" into the name.

Vacumn pipes are OK to install if it is a static model but once RTR autocouplings of any breed are to be used, then pipes add problems.
Roof colours - the moment the real vans come out of the paint shop, the colours will change within hours of being exposed to the weather & for those models, a quick bit of weathering will soon create variations.
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