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Apart from the Wagon No. being out of kllter, has anybody noticed what else is missing from the current batch of BR Bauxite Fitted Vans? I think I've given it away, when I mentioned they are fiited vehicles, I've just got my set of three weathered 12 ton vans from Hattons and they don't have any vacuum pipes on them!

I checked some other Bachmann vehicles that I bought recently all SR or BR(S) Vans and they all have vacuum hoses, as does the Airfix version from way back when, so why now don't they now put the vaccum hoses on?

I've looked and I can't see a place for them anyway, so it will be into the stock box to see if I have sufficient Kenline or Wills white metal hoses to detail the vans but I am really disappointed in this ommission. I thought we had virtually reached the stage where we fine scale modellers could open the box, check that the wheels were free running, unplug the 'horrible hornby type coulpling and substitute a buckeye coupling from Mr. Kaydee and off we go,
no, we still have couplings at differnet hieghts, and different lenghts, with a crank either up or down (whatever) to make them compatible, when oh when will we be able to straight couple a new loco to a coach without major surgery to one or the other.

Rant over, my hard earned is very precoius to me at the minute as I've had a period "resting between engagaments' as they say in the theatre, so when somethings turns up which should be the dogs whatsnames, I hate to think how much more have I got to fork out to get them right.

And don't get me started on the uniformity of the roof colours, many, many years ago Airfix when They introduced their 12 ton vans (very good for the time), they had three different roof shades applied at the factory, how hard was that?

Disgusted from very near Royal Tunbridge Wells!
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