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QUOTE us from this side of the Medway are of course Men of Kent.

Even worse, those unhappy people born in the 70's and 80's, up here in what is now East YORKSHIRE.....cannot truly call themselves YORKSHIRE the county was then known as Humberside..[north an south] we have a generation of disparate souls known as............ humberlanders?

Those from Middlesborough are of course, well used to being summat else.

regarding the fitment of vacuum pipes, and their tendency to foul auto couplers?

well.....harking back to a recent post of mine regarding my preference for 3 link couplings.....then the above issue would not apply, but that's realism for you!

[my comment got a round critiscm regarding 'hand of god' and 'long poles' appearing from the sky? Well, what happens when you guys get a de-railment when you're busy exhibiting yourselves? Get the cranes out, do we?

Giant skyhooks are fine when one's model railway doesn't get to be put on show......a situation I will never ever be in , one of those old-fashioned pen torches, with a wire prong attached does well enough. sorry if off-thread again]
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