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Branchline 12 Ton Fruit van & Scenecraft building dimensions

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Branchline 12 Ton Fruit van 38-181A

Bachmann Europe PLC has today confirmed that the BR 12 Ton Fruit Van in BR bauxite late livery has been correctly produced by the factory.

Some concern has been expressed that the running number B875649 has been wrongly applied and was not parrallel to the planking. The model accurately reflects the prototype where the number appeared 'squint' as depicted on the model
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Hi John,

I agree with you on roof colours up to a point. Surely after the initial period of weathering from ageing of the paint finish and accumulation of atmospheric dirt, soot and smoke from locos etc, the colour would reach a point when it would get no dirtier.
Certainly on an average rake of wagons there should be very few, if any, with a clean shiny roof and certainly none with a grey plastic sheen.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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