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Bratchell Models have announced that, should they receive sufficient pre-orders, they intend to proceed with a kit for the Class 319/1. 20 319/1 units were built between 1990 and 1991 as a response to complaints from First class season ticket holders who could no longer travel in First Class with the arrival of the all-Standard Class 319/0 units from 1988 onwards on Thameslink services. The 319/0s were easily distinguishable from their older siblings by virtue of their lighter, white shade (a la classes 321, 465, 466, 483 et cetera) and because of their different buffer beam fairings. At privatisation, all 20 units passed to Thameslink, who reurbished them from 1998-1999 as Class 319/3s for use on Thameslink "CityMetro" services. Ironically, this entailed the removal of First Class seating from the 319/1s, which the 319/0s acquired for longer distance "CityFlier" services! With the Thameslink franchise's rebranding as First Capital Connect, the units have begun to acquire FCC's "Dynamic Blocks" livery.

As well as the early Network SouthEast livery (see: ), several units carried the Thameslink grey "graffiti" livery (this picture is of a 319/0 but it serves its purpose well enough:, before receiving Thameslink's original blue, yellow and white livery (see: ). Some units received the Thameslink "second refurbished" livery (such as: ), whilst plenty of variations on the theme of Thameslink were to be seen after the handover of Thameslink to First Group. These included FCC stickers over the Thameslink branding and the yellow stripe removed completely. So far, only 319372 has received full First Capital Connect colours: ).

Expect prices to be £130 for a basic kit and £158 for a basic kit plus wheels, bearings and couplings. Product codes are BM83191 for the former and BM73191 for the latter. An order form is available for download here:

A typical Bratchell kit is made of injection-moulded plastic, with flush glazing. The cabs are moulded transparently to avoid difficulties with fitting glazing. However, since the Bratchell kit is still only a possibility (rather than definite), no test shots, progress reports et cetera are available so this is merely conjecture.

For those who don't wish to construct and finish a 319 by themselves, Bratchell offer a "ready-to-motorise" service, whereby the kit is constructed and finished with the customer's choice of number and livery, leaving the purchaser to fit their desired interior and motor. Although no details are available concerning the availability of this service with regards to Bratchell's 319/1 kit, it would be logical to assume that Network SouthEast livery will be available, although some of the more complex (and copyrighted) liveries may not be available via this service. Again, however, this is speculation.
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