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QUOTE (Anthony James @ 19 Dec 2008, 03:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.. the track is clean and the wheels are clean and in a straight line it will pull anything, but up the top of the incline on a corner is the problem.
You are in possession of the key facts to solve this problem with this statement. Nothing fundamentally wrong with the loco. But it looses traction on a track section with a transition in two planes. There are two approaches to fixing this.

If entirely happy with the layout, and particularly if you don't want to modify the track in any way, then you will have to look at making the loco flexible enough to keep the weight on its' driven wheels (or if it is traction tyred, on the rubber tyres) through the trouble spot. Basically what will be happening is that carrying wheels on the loco, (and quite possibly the tender too) are carrying much of the loco weight at this location. Compare the flexibility of the most similar loco that operates satisfactorily on this section, with that of the 06; and modify to make it as similar as possible, until you get the required result.

Alternatively ease either or both of curvature and gradient transition, and if possible have the gradient transition occur on a straight section rather than the curve. (That would be my choice as it will likely improve both weight haulage capability and running reliability for everything you operate.)

Or do both, to whatever extent necessary for a satisfactory result!
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