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Brawa 2009 new items.

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While the brochure is large at 67 pages, there are not that many new items.

The Prussian T11/class 74 , the DRG 19.1, the DR BR 172 railbus, the DB 6 axel tank car, the DB Omm52 open wagon, a FS box car, and a bayern Milk wagon pretty much sums it up.

But there are some interesting re-releases's. a new round of the Württemberg T5's will help fill out the roster and the DRG class 94.1 was expected (I always thought it strange that they had released an Era 1 and 3 verson).

An interesting colour scheme on Brawa's 4 axel baggage car in Rheingold violet. Two question's spring to mind. Was the Pw4u Pr 16 ever painted in violet, and how close is the "Brawa" violet going to be to the existing Rheingold's produced by other manufacturers?

I saw the new Marklin version of the rheingold last night and it is very nice. This baggage car would be a nice addition to make the 6 car train, but if the colour is different then it will ruin the look. My understanding is that they were all painted at the same time in the same colour, so any colour variation would not be prototypical.

Over all Brawa continue their excellent offerings. I like the fact that they keep re-releasing stock with different road numbers.

How much will I buy, well with the credit crunch effect on the NZD/EUR, if the T5 is the same price as last time in EUR, then it will cost me potentially about 50%more in NZD, and i do not know if i want to spend over NZD1,000 on a locomotive!
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Hi Neil,

the T11 may surprise, although I expect it will be in the EUR350-400 range.

Its Prussian so not really my thing.

The Marklin Rheingold is quite Purple so the match may be ok., but I would want to see some pictures of a comparison side by side to see what they are like. The purple is different from the SVT, but not sure about the Henschel Wegman. I have posted the query to the Epoch II mailing list as to whether it was painted for the Rheingold, so may have an answer tomorrow (the germans are possibly all in bed by now!).

I will buy some of the wagons but don't know about the locomotives, there are two I want/need (class 75 and 94) but it is a huge amount of money for them.

From the epoch II news group

The Brawa baggage car is in no case an imagination colour scheme. The Rhinegold ran until about 1933 south of Mannheim with two baggage vehicles, one of them as a protection vehicle (behind the Lok).

Because the supply however did not suffice of SPw 4ü-28 for this, in 1928 gradually four normal baggage vehicles was reclassed to SPw 4ü by analogy to the Rhinegold vehicles. Two of these vehicle corresponded the style Pw 4ü Pr 16 (= example of the Brawa vehicle).

As to whether the shade is correct, reference needs to taken from the Märklin Rhinegold set as they should match extremely closely.

Which begs the question now is whether there is any intention by Brawa to release in the future the complete train so that the colour does match?

Now whether to purchase, prototypically it is correct, but the question remains about the colour. At an estimated EUR80 it is a risk!

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Hi Anthony,

I have no idea because I have never seen the Liliput one.

Hopefully once it is released, some in Germany will take a picture of the three baggage cars and you will be able to see what the colour difference is.

Supposedly it is going to be a match for the MaTrix set that was released this year.

Hi Simon,

From an Epoch II perspective there are some excellent items. The rebuilt 2 axel Pwg is great. The old Marklin one while nice, is very course compared to the Brawa one. The Om open wagon is the 3rd version (can you ever have enough open wagons?) so will sell well. Brawa is the only manufacturer to make landerbahn flat roof box cars (again can you ever have enough of these!)

The passenger stock is a mixed bag, to much Epoch IIc (1935-1945) for me, but I may finally take the plunge and get a 1st class coach (there were not many of these on the German network in Epoch II).

I am surprised that they did not release another set of OOt hoppers like last year, and a baggage car to go with the polish coaches.


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Modellcentrum now have RPP prices. The rheingold bagge car, a steal at EUR93?

Hopefully part of the price is due to obtaining the correct shade of paint from MaTrix for it.


I agree. For that sort of money its a huge punt unless you see a picture of the pair of them together side by side.

That will be the ultimate test.

Indeed Neil, the good thing is that some one on Stummi's is bound to do this within one or two days of it being released.

One has to hope that they are not all pre-sold!

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