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Brawa 2009 new items.

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Thanks for posting these Steven. These must be pretty hot off the press; I actually went looking for these yesterday and couldn't find them anywhere.

I like the BR65 but it doesn't have sound. The T11 looks nice but I just recently bought a T12 which is very similar. Then again it does have sound so maybe...
similar thoughts here John. I have ordered the Trix Rheingold coaches but wouldn't want a mismatch on the colour from the Brawa coach. I expect that the Trix Rheingold coaches will be using the same paint colours that were used on the Henschel Wegman and Flying Hamburger which is more of a brown than a violet. The Brawa one looks more purple.

I wouldn't mind a T11 with sound but as I have just bought a T12 it lessens the need and cost becomes more important. I suspect it will not be cheap. I will get more KPEV coaches and maybe some wagons though.

I really want a BR65 but will wait for a reissue with sound.
Yes it is a lot of money and is now even more with the new exchange rates. It makes a purchase less likely now.
QUOTE (john woodall @ 25 Jan 2009, 08:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Modellcentrum now have RPP prices. The rheingold bagge car, a steal at EUR93?

Hopefully part of the price is due to obtaining the correct shade of paint from MaTrix for it.

That's pretty steep. The Trix T12 is cheaper than that and it has a motor. I'll wait till my catalogue turns up and have a look at it then. The trouble is that you would have to have the Trix and the Brawa coaches side by side to compare the colour as colour changes depending on what kind of light you have on it.
Hi John,

I suppose we will have to wait to see a photo when it's released before we know.

QUOTE (john woodall @ 26 Jan 2009, 16:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Indeed Neil, the good thing is that some one on Stummi's is bound to do this within one or two days of it being released.

One has to hope that they are not all pre-sold!


Hi John

Brawa items tend not to be. The price usually puts people off.


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1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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