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QUOTE (bondy @ 23 Dec 2007, 05:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thank you Brian, that is a very kind offer. It's just the one screw we need - don't want to take too many of your spares, as you never know when you may need them!

Sorry to hear about that damaged loco - very disappointing when that happens - hope you can sort it.

All the best,


***Hello Ian

I'm sorry you have had no luck - I stayed silent with my fingers crossed that you'd get what you need from the loco mfr, but looks like thats not happening sadly (mind you I don't think other brands are much better now no matter where they are based - most are a wee bit slow / less than perfect when it comes to spares!)

We stock micro screws (self tappers from 1mmx3mm up) and micro bolts (1.4mm is smallest though) - a pack of 48 assorted nuts and 48 bolts is only $A9.95 and an assorted pack of 48 micro screws only $7.95 but we are along way away in Australia (post about $A4 for airmail).

However - there should be a low cost answer locally for you. (I'm assuming you guessed the size right of course - 1mm is quite small and hard to get exactly right without a micrometer)

If you have no luck, then try a 14BA bolt with a tiny eyelet on the shank to provide the bearing surface for the connecting rod.

Mainly trains in Watchet, UK stock these, If not listed as nuts and bolts then they are probably listed as crank pins and eyelets/bushes for Alan Gibson driving wheels. 14BA and 1mm are very close in size.

they will be too long but are easily cut and cleaned up with a fine file. They will be quite low cost.

Kind regards and very best wishes for the Christmas season

Richard Johnson
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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