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Hi Simon

I found this on the ESU website - under sounds selection ( Downloads) -Loksound v3 - Locos with Loksound Ex-works - then click on the +(under details) to the right hand side of the table and it gives you this list

The direct link to the page is Here

17407 Hh Steam locomotive class Hh of the Royal Württembergian State Railroad, Type 0-10-0


8 MBit

Key Function
Light Front light
F1 Sound on/off
F2 Doppler, whistle
F3 coupler
F5 injector
F6 Acceleration/brake time, Shunting Mode/Shunting speed
F7 air pump
F8 slow airpump
F10 water pump
F11 water pump
F12 coal shoveling
F13 Front light, Rear light

A complete function list

The site is not that easy to understand though
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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