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Brawa have created a new model of the Kof II shunter. It has enhanced detailing and is an improvement on what was already an impressive model. They have this to say on the new model.

In the year 1932, Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG) formed a joint venture with the suppliers Krauss-Maffei, Deutz, Jung and O&K to establish construction principles for a standardised small locomotive in per-formance group II Kö/Köf. It went into series production in 1933. 890 Kö/Köf II locomotives were produced for the Reichsbahn up to 1939. Some 240 small locomotives were supplied to the Reichsbahn during the war. Others went to factories and the German armed forces.

The Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) had 444 performance group II locomotives in its fleet. However, demand for these locomotives continued to increase and another 735 units of this tried and tested model were built be-tween 1948 and 1965. The unusually period over which these locomotives were procured (from 1933 to 1965) speaks for the quality of their design, their efficiency of operation and their excellent performance and consumption values. Small locomotives were used throughout the DB network and the locomotive that the Brawa model replicates was based at the depot in Ulm. It initially went into service at Göppingen station and was later transferred to Tübingen station.

This model is an entirely new design that has very little in common with the earlier Brawa model, except that they are based on the same locomotive. Although the precision and accuracy of details on the previous model were already unique, they have now been further refined. Modern technology also now makes it possible to incorporate lighting on such small model locomotives.


Superb running characteristics with Maxon Motor - driven by precision
Extremely slow shunting possible
Lighting with warm white LED -white/white light change
Switchable shunting light with F1 in AC
21-pole interface (NEM 651)
Absolutely on-scale front width
Sprung buffers
Maximum weight through complete die-cast zinc construction
Metal handrails
Open-worked ventilation grille
Precisely-fitting printed window sets
Many extra mounted parts

Given the size of this loco the increased detailing is commendable but having also noticed that it has the 21 pole digital interface, I would be very interested to see someone put a decoder in this!

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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 16 Jul 2007, 06:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice reveiw & pics Neil thanks.

Looks like my Roco one will be for sale soon then !

Oh we go again.


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