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Hi Paul

Welcome to the forum

I have not had much experience with the Brawa Loks , But I have had a few of My Fleischmann and Roco Locomotives
get a bit warm. The Roco BR290 I bought , had not really been run by the previous owner . We ran it and it got quite hot and stopped working (on DCC) after much messing around I un-soldered the decoder and got it running on DC , The decoder was OK so put it back and its been OK ever since. I think it may have needed some running in.

With one of my Fleischmann Loks after new brushes the same thing happened

The Humming sound does not sound to promising though , unless it is the background noise of the sound decoders - sounds are switched off but Volume still on. Try turning the volume right down and try again

Hope this helps

Regards Zmil
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