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Brekina HO cars

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I have bought a few HO scale cars for my layout over the years (more than I need) and I do not have any by BREKINA. The Hobby Shop in Faversham have some on their website. Would anybody please care to rate the models in terms of finish and detail? Do they have well detailed headlights/tail lights and the correct badges. I am interested particularly in the Mercedes 600 Pullman.

I find often that modellers will go to a lot of bother as far as the detail of their layout and trains are concerned, then they skimp on the road vehicles (might be just me

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and to complete the ensemble.....what about a 1:87 scale effigy of Jeremy Clarkson?
make sure nothing is lost in the dont want Captain Slow..
QUOTE Or the Hamster come to think of it.....

surely your german isn't THAT far off the mark?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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