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Bridge Span

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I am building a road bridge across several tracks, and the minimum space between supports is 34cm. On a mock up this looks a large span and equates to 85ft in real life. Is this a realistic length or should I put in an additional support and make the span smaller?

I am using Wills abutments and either their Vari Girders or Peco Plate bridge sides.
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Double track width is about 24 feet, so most bridge supports are 28 feet apart
Its not unusual for modern bridges to span four tracks, but even that is 54 feet
I've only seen four bridges that span six tracks, the bridge supports clearly in excess of 76 feet

More common are bridge supports on either side of the outer slow lines (S-F-F-S arrangement)or a single support between the fast and slow lines (S-S-F-F arrangement)

As an example, here are two types in N gauge :
The road bridge closest spans all four tracks
The rail bridge further away spans one and three tracks
Thanks M8Internet, much appreciated. Nice layout. I will think I will now go for a shorter span along the lines of the rail bridge in the background.
Hi Peter.

I have been building my layout for 3 years now and with all track laid, scenery and buildings are now being constructed.
I have constructed a roadbridge crossing several tracks.
I constructed it from 1.5mm plasticard and the Wills Varigirder kits.
Once painted and weathered it looks very effective.
Pictures of roadbridge can be seen on my fotopic site
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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