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bridging the gap

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i have a 00 layout in my bedroom,it runs right around the bed room attached to the walls an supported by problem is the GAP BETEEN the DOOR what is the best way to get around this problem,i need somthing that i can easily put in place once i am in the room any help please.also how is it possible to get the electric running around the full layout
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Other than a system where you duck under a permanent board, you obviously need some form of removable section.
This can take the form of a folding section (rather like a drawbridge) or one that lifts out when the layout is not in use.
On my last layout, I started with a non-scenic section that lifted out, after I had slid the connecting fishplates out of the way. (This section was 14" wide). This meant that I didn't need to worry about electrical continuity, as contact was made when the fishplates were slid back.
This was meant to be a temporary arrangement whilst I concentrated on the rest of the layout, after which I was going to install a folding replacement section. In fact, the replacement never got made and now the layout has been dismantled in favour of a L shaped design.
Whilst I don't necessarily recommend this approach as a permanent feature, it certainly allows you to develop the layout until you are sure what you want to do on the removable section.
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You need a section of baseboard which can be moved out of the way. This can be done two ways:
(1) A section hinged at one end - you lift the other end to raise the section to the vertical and open the way to the door;
(2) A section which lifts out completely to provide access to the door.

A number of books describe how to do either of these methods - look in your local library. One book that may possibly help is the 'PSL complete guide to Model Railways' edited by Michael Andress - but I cannot find my copy to check for certain.
John Webb
thank you how would i make the electric conect from the removable one to the permament board?
With the temporary board I used, I just slid the fishplates into place and electrical continuity was made.
With a "drawbridge style" or a more permanent lift-out section, you will need to make electrical connection by using a male/female connector which you unplug before removing/ raising your bridging piece.
The connector ends are wired, one end to each side of the gap in the rail as you would with a section break. Remember that you need to do this for each rail ( +tve & -tve ) but you can use a 4 way connector if you want. Hope that's clear enough, if not don't be afraid to ask again - no problem.
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just a thought here, does your bedroom door open outwards (into the hall and not into the bedroom) because if it opens into the bed room it will obstruct the construction of the removable section?
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If a lift-out board, then connectors each end to link the tracks together will be needed. If a hinged section, then you may be able to have a flexible but permanent connection at the hinge end - but a plug and socket at the opening end will also help ensure continuity round the layout.

I regret the PSL book mentioned in my post #3 does not have anything on removable sections - sorry!
John Webb
I would suggest that you buy the little booklet titled "Building Baseboards." It's from the Railway Modeller "Shows you how" series.
Another small book worth considering is the "Starting in Scale 00" published by Peco.
Both of these should be available from any good model shops, if not then they are sure to have similar booklets available.
The whole series of the "Shows You How" booklets covers many topics of model railways from Baseboard construction to Wiring the layout and Landscape modelling etc and offers some good old fashioned and basic ideas.
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