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Britannia Woes

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As posted by me in the Britannia review I finally have mine and as previously posted it had a fault in that the motor wouldn't turn. I fixed that and left it for a couple weeks while I was away. I picked up a couple of Lenz Silver decoders and decided to put one in the "Brit", I had fitted a Le1035. A quick unplug and replug and hey presto job is done but all is not well! I have developed a short across the track pickups with the Silver decoder installed. I pulled it out and stuck it in an A3 that's getting weight added and it worked fine, back into the Brit and it won't work. I pulled the socket out and hard wired the decoder, short is still there. I've not experienced this in a RTR model before, plenty of times in kit built locos yes but never in RTR. Anyone experienced anything similar with a new Brit?

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Not sure if this is related to your problem or not, but I have a Brit that sometimes shorts. This is due to the fixed trailing wheels, when going over short points. It creates the short when the wheel bridges the gap between the rails.
QUOTE (Ravenser @ 22 Jan 2007, 21:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Or make sure the frog is electrically separate from the switch blades when laying the points.

Not much help if you've already laid the points before deciding to go DCC , I admit

Too late!

The new models come with a traditional trailing bogie now, rather than the fixed one I've got. That should solve the problem.
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