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As mentioned above, the Hornby Mk3 coaches were updated to scale length a long time ago, possibly almost 10 years ? (I think it was in the late 90's ?).
They are much better than the original short version and are widely regarded as quite acceptable.
The only major issue is that they have buffers which are not appropriate for HST's, but these can be removed easily.
Unless included in a HST set, the coach numbers are for loco hauled stock.

Hornby have introduced the ex-Lima TGS for the HST and the ex-Lima sleepers.
These have all had to be updated to match the better Hornby models, and include the Hornby bogies.

The significant change Hornby have made is the replacement of their HST power car with the superior ex-Lima model, slightly updated and with a new motor.
This is only available in the forthcoming train packs and is not included in current stock in the shops.
What isn't clear is what coaches will be included in these sets; Hornby or updated ex-Lima?

Hornbys Mk2 aircon coaches are dire. Ancient toy train stuff. Avoid!
Hopefully Bachmann will eventually get round to producing high quality versions of these as they work their way through the various BR coaches. Hopefully next year!!!!!!!

Bachmann have produced both the 4 car Voyager and the 5 car Super Voyager.
These have been released in batches and when sold out you will have to wait for quite a while before any more are produced. I don't think we will see any more for a long time, so buying second hand may be the only option.
They do a 3 car version of the Voyager as part of a train set and you can buy the additional coach to make it into a proper train. This seems to be more widely available.

Voyagers released:
Maiden Voyager
Grampian Voyager

Super Voyagers released:
Louis Bleriot
Michael Palin

If you are using Setrack, especially Hornby, you may get lots of problems with derailments through the points; especially with the Voyagers.
Second radius curves will also make all these long coaches look ridiculous, and of course setrack curves have no provision for transition /easement, at all (very "train set").
Code 75 or 83 rail would be much better, even streamline code 100, provided decent curves can be created.

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