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What detail is there to go on a pendolino?
Bogies. (make sure the wheels line up with them and try and make sure the wheels are round!)
Windows. (make sure the surrounds are black unlike Dapol!)
Pantograph. (dont try it hornby, just do a deal with somerfeld and get them to make it for you!)
tilt mech. (this could be interesting to see what they come up with)
Coupling. (please dont make it a pole vault like dapol did!)
and err................?

I am hopeing the coaches will be the right length but apart from that they would have to be pretty daft to get anything else wrong. with such a simple model i seriously doubt there was going to be much difference between a "basic" model and a decent one.

"Talking about hornby EMU and Newly tooling SR coaches"
Hornby wont do an EMU. not now bachmann have announced it. i think there is a market for it but its not big enough for hornby. i think a desiro would be a good model for them to do. already about 10 different liveries and its going to be about for the next 25 years.

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