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BRM June 2007

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The June 2007 issue of BRM sold through W H Smiths comes with a DVD featuring Cliff Parsons' "Gresley Beat". It contains a 25 minute film of Tony Wright in conversation with Cliff Parsons about this LNER period layout. The first 8 minutes is a "talking heads" feature introducing the reasons for the layout's existence (in Kent) intercut with stills of the layout and some prototype images. The rest is shot alongside the layout as various buildings and features are discussed in more detail. There is some "live action" of trains on the layout but not as many as I would like.

NB. The DVD is an "exclusive to WHS deal".

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Very nice layout so far and interesting to see the philosophy behind the plan too, I doubt you could explain that so well in a magazine. I did find Tony Wright slightly distracting with his interview style, but he is probably the best person due to his knowledge of the subject of the layout.
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