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Somehow BRITHO forgot to post this ;

Sat/Sun 29/30th,November 2008.

Organised by the North Kent Model Railway Group

St.Gerges School (opposite ASDA)
Westwood Road
CT10 2LH

Sat 10.00 > 17.00
Sun 10.00 > 16.00

We will be there in the infamous St.Laurent & the sales stand.

A good exhibition to visit.

Look forward to seeing you there - please be sure to introduce yourselves.
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the Isle of Thanet Railway Society are gonna be there to my knowledge, which would be good because i would like to go to gain from others experiences before i start my layout most probably in the new year
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il make life easy brian, il wear a black hoodie with "Spud" on the back in reflective silver writing, and a badge on the front with "Thanet Scooterists" on it
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yep im in on Saturday, then il pop off to the Hornby Shop at the factory, very handy
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Brian why did you have to leave to shower and change? thats why i missed you! you were busy keeping clean, or something XD

I saw britho and wolverton, il be back tomorrow, as i aint got much else to do, parking wont be a problem this time as il be on my scooter
the massive lake on the way in could be a problem tho
i may drown lol

On another note, britho or wolverton, i cant get the gaugemaster mercedes van i bought from you off its base lol, got any tips?
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good man Brian, thats commitment!

nope the van hasnt got 2 tiny screws, the skaleautos caravan i bought on another stall
had that and came off without a hitch. this has a weird lump of metal that turns, but no matter how much you turn it, it makes no difference!! :'( and iv wanted one of these fer ages, wouldnt have if id known it would be so annoying!

Chris24's layout was good, i remember it, but even i had trouble seeing the layout properly, and im 5" 10'/11' the frame for the front of the layout needs to be extended upwards, or you could just take the top part off no?

even i have to say the lady selling raffle tickets got a tad irritating after a while, she was all i could hear whilst walking around looking at the layouts!!
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RESULT!!! iv got it off of the base
but i think il have to go for a lie down now, iv got brain ache from working it out lol. Il show you tomorrow how it works

getting to the show tomorrow should be fun, tis pissing it down at the mo, i might have to swim there
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