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Brunel slide show

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Brunel is one my all time heroes, so I really enjoyed this slide show on the BBC website. In it, photo journalist David White sets out to photograph surviving Brunel structures using equipment as near identical to that used by Robert Howlett but without the chemicals.

So who is Robert Howlett? Why none other than the photographer who took the iconic photo of Brunel in front of the anchor chains of one of his ships - sorry I can't remember whether it was Great Britain or the one, whose name escapes me, which proved his nemesis. It is salutary to realise that Robert Howlett's profession led to his death at the early age of 27 due the ill effects of the chemicals involved.


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a very enjoyabl few mins of photos, well worth watching
At least they didn't airbrush Brunel's cigar (or the strap for his cigar case)!

Thanks for the link David.
An enjoyably different take on the great mans work

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Remarkable work - I liked the one of the rowers!

Thanks for the link David

Interesting pictures.

Just down the road from my mothers is a statue of him. Neyland marina

A little of the track is still visible poking through the tarmac



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Isn't it strange how things change.

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