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building a station

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Hi i have just bought some nice long boards, an want to build a station with two full length platforms for a pendolino an hst, an 5 lines passing through.

know 2 questions how long is a hst an pendolino for a station platform

an what is the best track long strights or long flexi, but have no idea how to lay the flexi as it does not have fps
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hi, just seen your question - a pal of mine runs a hornby pendolino and very well it looks. without measuring it (!) I would say you would need 4 feet of platform at least but best bet is to put a tape to it as you will need to provide for the running in distance. i use either peco or hornby double straights where i can (for straight platforms you cannot go wrong with these) but if you are on the bend then peco flexi......but try and connect them to setrack to give it a firm base.
its a long platform it is no courners
Depending on yuor experience, you may wish to try flexitrack as it normally works out less expensive and you can give slight curves were needed which generally make the finished layout look more realistic without any extra hassle. My advice would be that if you are to use flexitrack, always use Tracksetta templates to keep the track square.

I got mine from Scale Rail, usual disclaimer that I have no connection other than a satisfied customer:

how do i join two bits off flexi together then? may seem like a sill question
Nope its not a silly question!

Use a knife to cut away some of the plastic that runs under the rails then add a fishplate (or rail joiner if you like) the same way you would with any other type of track.

Any more questions ask away!

A Pendolino is 51" long.

I use four coaches on all my trains, and the longest is 53".

My platform lengths are 53" plus the end slopes. A total of 61"

today I have been having a book//mag sort out, and came across some of those little pamphlets that used to come with RAilway Modeller......I especiall enjoyed re-reading some of those ''railway modelling on a shoestring''one's.....making one's own sleepers from delaminated cheapo veneer is a favourite.

HOWEVER, on topic,one was a CJ Freezer note on design......and inside,I found his 'Minories' plan.....absolutely ideal for THIS topic??

only 6 turnouts....with access to/from each one....but needing a fiddle yard or sector plate,off-scene.

just the jobbie for pendolino's...or better still,HST's?
alastairq, what are the chances off you poping it into the post for me thanks?
I have used a laser red light vertical aligner from B and Q for setting long lenghts of flexitrack. Pin down one end gentlly and then sight along the pinholes to the end of the length. Another pin and join up the next piece with fishplates and on you go.
It does work well where you need parallel tracks, particularly around station through lines.
The piece of kit I got was around £10 and worth every penny.
hello there!

You say you want full length platforms? are you running full length trains?

If so you will need about 10 feet of platform at least. HST's vary in length from 5 cars (4 on at least one occasion) to 12.

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