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I am at the stage where I am planning the scenics and position of buildings etc on my layout. I have just completed sorting out the layout, and signalling here. I am a first year Architecture student and have decided to use my design skills to design extra buildings on my layout. At the moment all traditional buildings are going to be made from scalescene products, as they are or modified. As it is a modern image layout I wish to create some of my own more modern buildings. My question is where is the best place to get photographic materials that I can use to print out or modify in photoshop to create a unique building!? And can inkjet printers print onto clear plastic sheet to make windows and their frames!? I will post some of my designs soon when i have finished them so you can see and crit in another part of the forum.

Regards Jason
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Hi jk1,

Clear decal sheet can be used in inkjet printers for windows etc as an option ..........
Try Staples, Office World or anywhere that sells inkjet printers as they usually have a good selection of different quality paper. Most inkjets will print onto thin card but I find the ink does tend to bleed more on card than on paper. For your windows all you need is ordinary OHP transparency sheets but remember to print onto the rough side or your ink won't stick to it.

Another important point to remember is not to use differing makes of ink as there is a considerable colour variation between the different makes. Find one that gives you the correct colour balance you are looking for and then do all of your printing with this make of ink.

I was in Staples yesterday and bought some Epson "Premium Glossy Photo" 4"x6" paper because I wanted to print some photos for a "Magic Photo Frame". The primary requirement of this device is that the paper has a shiny rear surface so that it slides easily. Anything rough and the mechanism jams and destroys your photos.

This Epson paper is 255 grams which is probably as stiff as you would want. It went very nicely through our Canon Pixma printer but I did choose the flattest paper path available. If you thought the 100gsm paper was expensive, this was stuff was almost £12 for a box of 40.

If you're running a late version of Windows XP or Vista, it should have colour correction built into the print path either through Windows itself or the printer driver. So long as you are using "official" inks and choose a paper type which closely approximates the description in the Printer Properties box you will get a good match to the colour on the screen provided of course that your screen is properly set up in the first place
. If you like to twiddle with the controls or work in a darkened room or have the monitor placed against a bright yellow wall or..... it will be off a bit.

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Use a good quality matte photo paper to print your images on. Use special acetate sheet for printing windows. Any printer will print good images as long as the settings are correct. There are loads of free images to use. Just try google and search for what you require. Failing that there are several sites where you can download brick paper sheets from.
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