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I was in Staples yesterday and bought some Epson "Premium Glossy Photo" 4"x6" paper because I wanted to print some photos for a "Magic Photo Frame". The primary requirement of this device is that the paper has a shiny rear surface so that it slides easily. Anything rough and the mechanism jams and destroys your photos.

This Epson paper is 255 grams which is probably as stiff as you would want. It went very nicely through our Canon Pixma printer but I did choose the flattest paper path available. If you thought the 100gsm paper was expensive, this was stuff was almost £12 for a box of 40.

If you're running a late version of Windows XP or Vista, it should have colour correction built into the print path either through Windows itself or the printer driver. So long as you are using "official" inks and choose a paper type which closely approximates the description in the Printer Properties box you will get a good match to the colour on the screen provided of course that your screen is properly set up in the first place
. If you like to twiddle with the controls or work in a darkened room or have the monitor placed against a bright yellow wall or..... it will be off a bit.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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