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I recently bought some Lyddle End buildings for the first time. I have now placed them on my layout. I think they look great, except for the fact that they look 'too small' compared with my existing Metcalfe buildings.

Are Metcalfe buildings to a slightly larger scale than Lyddle End or am I imagining things? If I'm right, which of the two is the more accurate?
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QUOTE (ahammond @ 30 Oct 2007, 06:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Having just compared a Kestrel terraced house wall with a Metcalfe cottage wall I found that they were both almost identical in height and the bricks and courses were pretty much the same size and spacing.

The difference between the two though is that the Kestrel is about a scale twelve feet wide whereas the Metcalfe is about twenty feet wide when built. This results in the Metcalfe having a higher roof line and also a much bigger look about it. A bit further investigation showed that the Kestrel crossing keepers cottage scales out around twenty two feet wide which would be about right from looking at similar full size buildings that are dotted around this area. The other Kestrel buildings that I have albeit in various degrees originality also are about right in width. So I think that the problem was in my not comparing like with like.

Just out of interest I had another go at the remains of a couple of Metcalfe buildings last night and good kits though they may be unlike Asterix I just cannot get the hang of making them. So I think that I will stick with plastic kits which to me seem to be much easier to build even if you do have to paint them afterwards.

Instead of throwing out perfectly good models why not try placing the larger buildings at the rear of the layout and the smaller ones towards the front,
In reality no two buidings are the same size except in a row as in Coro street , but even there over the years modifations do relieve the sameness. Even in more modern developments the are differences. I scratch build mostly and most buildings are different sizes but that does not mean different scales
regards Tony ( 10001)
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You would have to have very good eyesight to distinguish between 1: 144; 1:148, 1:150 .
Tony (10001)
Whatever happened to the original question . More importantly did it ever get a reply?
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