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I recently bought some Lyddle End buildings for the first time. I have now placed them on my layout. I think they look great, except for the fact that they look 'too small' compared with my existing Metcalfe buildings.

Are Metcalfe buildings to a slightly larger scale than Lyddle End or am I imagining things? If I'm right, which of the two is the more accurate?
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Thanks for your comments. I'll try counting courses then!

Metcalfe wins the sit-back-and-look-at-it test

At John Webb's suggestion - for which I am truly grateful - I counted the courses on a number of Lyddle End and Metcalfe buildings, but I got totally lost with my maths. (I failed it dismally at O-level.) Then my wife hung out of our second-floor flat window with a tape measure. She says 4 courses = 24 cm high = 9.448818897637794 inches, which is nowhere near a foot. But we live in Holland, perhaps we have smaller bricks here.

Then I decided to park a couple of trains in a makeshift Lyddle End station and just sit back and look at the scene.

I conclude that Lyddle End just looks too small. Metcalfe seems so much better, particularly alongside my P. & D. Marsh NER footbridge. I also think Lyddle End stuff is shoddily made. When you first take them out of the box they look rather quaint, and you go ''Aww, ain't it gorgeous!'', but when you put them on your layout you see that windows and doors are seldom perpendicular.

What to do with all those Lyddle End buildings I recently spent a small fortune on? E-bay I suppose.
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Thanks all.

I'm too much all fingers and thumbs for scratch building or mixing kits so I shall stick to Metcalfe in time being.
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