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Bulleid Leader class 0-6-0 + 0-6-0

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Picture provided by W.J. Wyse/Mike Morant collection

Bulleid Leader class 0-6-0 + 0-6-0

Loconotion Models of Peacehaven, East Sussex are pleased to announce that they have approached Dapol with a view to commissioning a new ready to run locomotive. The model will be the experimental Bulleid Leader, and will be in OO Gauge.

It is envisaged that four liveries will be available, two grey versions, one with the BR totem and one without, one lined black, and one purely hypothetical lined green (assuming acceptance into traffic by BR). The model produced will be numbered 36001 in all liveries, and will be a limited run of 2000. There will be a further limited run of weathered versions in all liveries. The model is expected to be of a very high specification, with a five pole motor, cardan shaft drive, directional and interior lighting.

David Young, owner and proprietor of Loconotion models said "We are very excited about this project. It is our first commission, and as the Locomotive was only built a few miles down the road in Brighton, we felt that along with its unique design, the fact that it was a local project makes it a worthwhile subject for a ready to run model."

Because Loconotion Models is a small family run business, the commission will not proceed until sufficient orders are confirmed.

Leader Project, Loconotion Models,
131a South Coast Road,
Peacehaven, East Sussex,
BN10 8PA, United Kingdom

email:- [email protected]

Telephone:- +44 (0)7710 215566

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Good news indeed Nikki (I have sent you a PM).

Maybe it's just me but for some strange reason the Leader reminds me of a 66 (or the other way round).
To me it looks like a tube train on steroids.
Very nice indeed. For me, the only choice will be should I go for the grey or the lined black! You have a PM...

Any plans for Sound? I know it may not be easy but there is plenty of room for a speaker! Actually fitting a speaker would be a good idea even if sound profiles are not at present available. Does anyone know what a Leader would sound like? Could be a winner.
I think the 66 look comes from the very large bogie frames topped by a very high "running board" line.

What fun - will they be supplied with a sweating fireman?

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Intresting project, any idea how much it will retail for?
hiya, retail will be between £110 - £120 pounds

Good news Nikki,

Couple of Questions out of curiosity,
Is that a total run of 2000 across all 4 versions ie 500 of each, or 2000 of each as that sounds a bit ambitious?

And how are you distributing the loco, am I going to see it at the usual suspects or are you keeping it in house so to speak. £110-£120 sounds like a good price if you're doing the selling yourselves but a bit low for retailers to take a slice if you have to use them for a low volume model?

I'm very tempted with a black one, how does it work to get one?

I look forward to you keeping us posted.

we will have more grey ones than anything else and it will be slightly tailored to what people order so probably about 1100 grey ones and 300 each of the others. We will keep people posted as we get more orders in !!


If you haven't already seen it, news of your press release has spread to at least one other railway modelling web discussion group. Sadly someone there was being unkind to you over the typo "veiw" in the press release.

Sorry, much as I like tube trains, "one on steroids" is not for me, at least at the moment, but Leader must be the oddest looking steam loco ever.

Good luck with the commission. I hope it sells out for you.
QUOTE (GoingUnderground @ 21 Nov 2008, 21:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.. but Leader must be the oddest looking steam loco ever...
Broaden your horizons. Leader almost looks normal besides some...
34c, Thanks for the link.

Have had a quick look at some of the locos there, but I still think the Leader's the oddest of all. It's the design of the front, the "tube train on steroids" or "66" look that does it. Other front cab locos seemed to manage it better even if some of them did look like a conventional loco that had collided with a large garden shed.

The achiiles heel of all cab front designs seems to have been where to put the coal and the fireman. I can't help thinking that if the cab front design had been combined with oil firing they would have been more successful. I'm sure that someone can now find a cab front oil burner that was no good to prove me wrong.
This looks quite interesting. Will they be DCC ready?


[source: Wikipedia]

I think that it is an interesting model. And as I have a thing for articulated locos, this does interest me.

I wish Loconotion well with the promotion of this project.

Hopefully we'll put up a review of the model when it comes out and show in detail how it looks and performs.
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It is a very interesting loco and great model subject for sure. I suspect that temptation will overcome veracity, and I will be telling myself that successfully developed it would have filled the niche taken by the Class 33. That way it can power the bulk cement turn up the East coast route to Glasgow, that saw the class 33 on my ECML modelling location.

The irony of this model is that with a centre motor drive to both bogies it will out perform all but the best engneered rod coupled steam models. I have already suggested elsewhere that the Heljan class 17 should include a few spare weakened drive shafts, for optional user installation to mimic the typical unreliability in service: here's another candidate...
Now that's just funny. I've been testing some of my fleet on my new section of mainline. I can get them going at full speed for a good few meters before having to slow down. If I had to rate each loco on ability to drive well then there would be some surprises. Some of the larger Hornby locos look good whilst ticking over on a small layout, but really struggle to pull a large train and negotiate points well. Bachmann locos are better and of course more modern locos with multiple driven axles and all-wheel pickup (Like the Deltic) are just the best.

I'm all for models that perform well and I don't mind if there are drive shafts, flywheels and other nifty devices to improve the running
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It will be DCC ready as most people seem to be moving over to dcc these days!!! Thankyou for all our support from you all !!!

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And please, make sure there is enough room for a nice sound decoder and a reasonable speaker.

I've moved this to the News forum as I've been given the original images and text.

I just got to say i am very excited about the rtr leader. Its got to be the grey one without br totem for me

Some may call me strange but i think this is one of the best looking steam engines ever built
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