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Busch at Nürnberg

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This is where that other farm comes from that I mentioned on the Faller report. I'll give detail about it below.

Excellent details from Busch. Very neat little dioramas, each with an interesting subject matter.

So this is the modern farm. It is almost a layout in itself. Plenty of action and movement.

A sing of the times, even on European farms is a disinfection bath for vehicles going in and out of the farm.

The machinery here moves. The bale lifter goes around and up and down.

The farm here has a tractor that can convert to rails, perhaps to pull a cattle wagon to market. This goes back and forth on a segment of track.

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The Busch stand is always worth a good look - their dioramas are excellent without exception.
The Busch range of plants and flowers are very good and are probably one of their best ranges - I rather liked the shot with frogs(?) crossing the road. Excellent.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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