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Busy year ahead for Mehano

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Mehano has recently announced a number of new items some of which will be of considerable interest to British as well as European modellers. Mehano is distributed to the model trade in the UK by Bachmann Europe Plc.

2008 sees the introduction of a new range of TT scale models. British 3mm / TT modellers will welcome news that one of the first releases will be the Class 66 locomotive currently in service in both Europe and the UK, although the model will only be released in European liveries. To compliment these will be intermodal container wagons carrying a variety of international containers many of which are well known in the UK.

Class 66 loco

Of interest to British HO modellers will be the addition of the new 5 door low emission Class 66 locomotives in the liveries of European operators. Mehano already produces the 4 door version in HO scale. Class 66 locomotives are now seen operating in a number of European countries including the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland.

RENFE 2-10-4 steam loco

European HO modellers will see the introduction of a Belgian (SNCB) -C41 Class DMU, Vossloh 333.3 diesel for Spanish Railways (RENFE), Alstom 475000 electric, Vossloh G 1206 diesel (in a large number of liveries including SNCF Fret and CFL), and Vossloh G1700 diesel in a variety of liveries including Swiss Cargo, BLS, CFL and private operators. Mehano will also be introducing a RENFE (Spanish) 2-10-4 steam locomotive during the year. Also appearing in HO scale will be intermodal container wagons (also being produced in TT scale see above). Also in HO scale the popular Boeing Trams are returned to the range.

Recent arrivals in the UK include both sets of centre cars for the TGV Duplex units.

Intermodal container wagons
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Nice to see a couple of SNCB & CFL items on the way.

Thanks for the info' Doug.
Sounds good. I keep meaning to get something by these guys to check them out but never seem to get round to it. Perhaps this years the year.
that kettle really does look the business.

I wonder what the price will be? can it be regauged to EM to make it broad gauge?

QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 13 Mar 2008, 05:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.. can it be regauged to EM to make it broad gauge?
That's an interesting coincidence, that EM is almost dead right! That's a lot of chassis, presumably this machine was built for gradient work, big firebox, but rather a small tender. I would think that using P87 wheel standards would be helpful as the outside faces of the broad gauge wheels would then probably finish up in roughly the same position as the outside faces of the HO wheelsets, much as happens when an OO RTR model is P4'd.
yes i think its within about an inch of being correct. i looked into it when i was thinking about doing a PM-36.

I wanted to do it in HO ising EM track built to 00 finescale standards. i think its the future for russian modelling.

There are some beautifull spanish streamliners.

QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 12 Mar 2008, 18:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice to see a couple of SNCB & CFL items on the way.

Agreed and I might buy a C41 and let you play with it.....

BTW I found a piccy of a 16 in my collection last night

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