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QUOTE (julesmail67 @ 11 Apr 2006, 00:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well after all the helpful thoughts and thesis on e-bay it never realised my Reserve Price! In fact it made an incredibly low £12 - twelve quid!!I ask you?!

Mind, that's why such things as 'Reserves' were invented!
But not too disappointed.

Take care all!


If it still hasn't sold, put it up on eBay, but at your reserve price (with no reserve), and perhaps throw in something cheap (e.g. converted carriage) that you can advertise as "thrown in for FREE!"

If you start it at, say, £60-£100 with no reserve, you'll get a lot more interest. People are often put off by having a reserve price because many sellers stick reserves on that are far too high (though yours was wery reasonable), and they thus think that it is a rip-off. I know that many are discouraged by seeing an item with a £0.99 start, clicking on it, and seeing those fatal words, "Reserve not met."

Good luck,

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