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Hi folks!

I can only speak for buying in Germany; if you buy from a dealer (as opposed to "private seller"), German legislation requires that dealer to give ANY customer a two-year warranty on whatever goods (s)he bought. For the first half year, you don´t have to prove that you did nothing wrong, as it is suspected that the defective good was flawed when purchased. After this six-month-period, the customer would have to provide evidence that the malfunction is not caused by him mishandling the defective device. This, however, does not void any further manufacturers´ warranties. It is the minimum required by law.

In addition, you can return mail-ordered goods within 14 days of receipt, no questions asked, if they don´t meet your expectations. This also is a legal requirement.

If you return defective goods, the dealer has to reimburse your s+h costs, unless the returned goods´ value is less than 40 Euros iirc. From the UK, it may be wise to contact him first and agree on how the package is to be sent to him. Many dealers have agreements with, say, UPS or DPD, and would want you to ship with them to minimise their cost.

As for aftersale support, I´d go straight to ECos manufacturer.

Oh yeah, and if you want to buy it directly at the Dortmund Expo, be sure to ask for the "gesetzliche Gewährleistung" (gay-setz-licke gay-vair-lais-toonk) and whether the seller offers it (cf. my first paragraph). Make sure to save your sales receipt, the "Quittung" (Kvitt-oonk) as a proof of purchase, as the dealer will be the one to contact should your purchase be defective, not the manufacturer (and if an extended warranty allows you to turn it in to the manufacturer, he too will want to see your proof of purchase).

If you have any more questions about German consumer´s legislation, or how to say (email) something in German, feel free to pm me or ask here on the forum.

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